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Unifying CX and CRM – Key to effortless customer service

Consumers are changing. Businesses are adapting but the struggle to glue key systems and the right information together to form a complete view of the customer journey, their preferences and how to engage with them is still a challenge for a lot of organisations. 72% of organisations feel that managing multiple CRM and CX solutions is extremely challenging. This means that sharing knowledge amongst support teams, gathering feedback and delivering effective communications to end customers could be compromised. Having a comprehensive platform that also provides a 360° unified view to agents, managers, and business leaders is the key to managing customer delight at different stages of their journey.

Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • The challenges that customer support leaders are facing to unify CRM and CX solutions
  • How others have used connected customer data to provide a single customer view and personalised experiences
  • Why the customer complaint is gold dust and how this can enrich CX and CRM data, providing a better experience for customers and agents


Engage-Speaker-Gerry Brown

Gerry Brown

Customer Lifeguard Chief Customer Rescue Officer

Gerry Brown, aka The Customer Lifeguard, is on a mission to save the world from bad customer service. He helps businesses save customers at risk of expiring and breathes life into their customer service operations and customer experience strategy. Gerry has provided organizational leadership on

Engage-Speaker-Andrew Robertson (1)

Andrew Robertson

HM Land Registry Head of Customer Policy & Service Improvement

Andrew Robertson has been with HM Land Registry since 1986, and has worked in a variety of roles, starting out as a caseworker and then on to several Head Office roles. Also, for 8 years, he was out on secondment to the Independent Complaints Reviewer’s Office as her Senior Investigations

George Hackett

Freshworks Head of UK & I Sales

George leads a brilliant team of Sales Development reps at Freshworks across UK & Ireland that are responsible for top of pipeline activity, generating leads, finding opportunities and supporting the sales teams. He has been the Head of UK & Ireland Sales for the last 2 years.

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