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10th year - Europe’s Largest Customer Engagement Event is back!

Customer Engagement Summit 2022

We’re living in the most transformational period than many of us will ever experience, where the voice of the customer and the experiential aspect of CX is more important than ever. Under the overarching theme of The Only Constant is Change: The Role of Human Experience and Technology in Transforming CX, the industry’s largest event promises a jam-packed day of diverse content covering all aspects of customer engagement.

  • In-Person Conference
  • Westminster Park Plaza, London
  • Tuesday 15th November 2022


Explore the role of human experience and technology as CX becomes increasingly driven by holistic, predictive and precise data solutions, and examining how data and analytics are integral to the CX programmes of the future.

Hear from top-level speakers from world-class brands as they draw upon real-life case studies to showcase the latest innovations in the CX world, sharing valuable, take home, implementable ideas and strategies to enhance customer engagement. Join us live at the Westminster Park Plaza on the 15th November 2022 to become more attuned to your customers and deliver the service they expect in this ever-more digital world of human engagement. 

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Key facts

4 x Stages
100+ presentations
roundtable sessions

What to expect



Customer Engagement Transformation

With the digital revolution in full swing, organisations must consider their customers’ needs to meet changing expectations. Customer demands are increasing rapidly, and the technology available to improve customer experience is advancing inexorably.

Innovation in the Contact Centre

Contact centres are ideally placed to become the beating heart of an organisation. With the contact centre space providing a significant, growing opportunity for customer experience, these touchpoints provide a powerful tool to transform the success of a brand in today’s digital world.

The Evolution of CX Service Design

Service design is a hot topic picking up where the customer journey left off. Service by design is an increasing imperative in an age where digitally-savvy consumers have increasingly higher expectations of their service providers and expect a seamless experience every time.

CX Strategies for the Customer Journey

Customer behaviour and expectations are changing at a dramatic and accelerating pace. Organisations must keep up with their customers’ journey, or they will lose them. To do this, they must develop innovative strategies that keep abreast and indeed ahead of customer demands.

Internal Communications

The workplace is changing, and the way we communicate with our people as they gain access to new technologies must also change fundamentally. As organisations grapple with these challenges, internal communications take centre stage in the quest for higher levels of engagement.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

The burgeoning new technologies surrounding the world of AI and Robotics present many opportunities as organisations grapple with the challenges presented in improving relationships with both their customers and their employees.

Training, Learning and Development

With the relationships between our people and our customers becoming ever more critical, the development of our employees through training and career development is of paramount importance. Diversification and inclusivity are key areas where improvements are being applied.

Combining CX Strategy with Culture

The culture within an organisation clearly has a direct impact on the experience that it delivers to its customers. Culture really does eat strategy for breakfast, and unless the culture is people-focused, then the cx strategy will not deliver on its promise.

Customer and Employee Engagement

The correlation between highly engaged employees and customers who are similarly engaged is irrefutable. Study after study has proven a clear path from engaged employees to engaged customers to improved performance and profitability.

Innovative and Disruptive Strategies in CX

This stream explores how listening to and implementing what your customers want, as well as personalising each touchpoint with your organisation, you can form a winning strategy that will ultimately allow you to gain a competitive advantage.

Linking Voice of the Employee and Voice of the Customer

The ever-closing links being forged between the Voice of the Customer and the Voice of the Employee are a major industry trend. Strategies evolving around VOC and VOE are some of the most dynamic in the customer and employee engagement space.

Customer Engagement in Retail

This stream will demonstrate how leading retailers are deploying winning customer engagement strategies designed to engender consumer loyalty and greater wallet share in a hugely competitive and disruptive marketplace.

Engaging with the Digital Customer Across the Enterprise

The days of the silo mentality and the service and experience that too often goes with it are well and truly being consigned to the dustbin of history. In the digital age, every part of an organisation needs to be joined up with the customer at the heart of its thinking as it delivers on the cx.

Evolution of VOE Across the Enterprise

Employees are playing an increasingly important strategic role in developing organisations’ services and products across channels, and the Voice of the Employee is critical to the development of employee engagement strategies. These are business-critical issues.

CX Marketing

Research shows that the marketing function plays an increasingly important role in the CX as advances in technology enable greater customer understanding and insight, allowing organisations to tailor their strategies to ever more demanding and proactive customers.

The Future of CX

The world of customer engagement and experience is evolving and evolving rapidly. The pace of change continues to accelerate. Delivery of the service and the experience is increasingly the responsibility of marketing, customer service and HR working in tandem.

Evolution of VOC Across the Enterprise

Customers are playing an increasingly important strategic role in developing organisations’ services and products across channels, and the Voice of the Customer is critical to the development of customer engagement strategies. These are business-critical issues.

Customer Engagement in Financial Services

The financial services sector is gradually bouncing back from the huge loss of customer trust. However, there is still much to be done as financial services organisations need to do more to win back that trust from increasingly technically savvy and often wary customers.

Tarv Nijjar

Tarv Nijjar

McDonald's Global Senior Director, Global Strategic Insights CX & AI
Vinay Parmar

Vinay Parmar

National Express Chief Customer Officer
As Chief Customer Experience Officer, I lead the work on our CX strategy supporting our purpose of leading modal shift from cars to mass transit.
Bruce Swan

Bruce Swan

Panasonic General Manager, Customer Care and Digital Service
Dynamic, results-driven customer service leader, that is both creatively entrepreneurial and scientifically meticulous. Extensive experience strategically directing global contact centre and customer service operations. Capable of turning innovative thinking into practical and profitable solutions, with the proven ability to assemble and retain world-class customer service teams.
Maria Vidler

Maria Vidler

Starling Bank Head of Resolution
An experienced senior manager with experience in the delivery of operational performance and customer experience improvements to support business strategic ambitions. I have a proven track record in leading large high performing teams in The Financial services sector and have an ability to work under pressure whilst ensuring that customer service is the focus for both my internal and external customers.
Clare Pitts

Clare Pitts

Pilgrims Food Master Consumer Relations Manager
Forward thinking, dynamic Customer Service Manager with extensive experience within multi-national FMCG environments. Focused on providing excellent customer journey experience whilst keeping in mind business objectives to grow sales and protect reputation. Known as a trusted business partner, influencing and guiding global key stakeholders through use of data analysis and KPI’s to drive change and maximise performance.
Adam Lowe

Adam Lowe

Aston Villa FC Head of Marketing
Adam is Head of Marketing at Aston Villa Football Club.
William Agnew

William Agnew

Natwest Experience Lead - Video Banking
An experienced and capable operational leader, that can also deliver change at pace within the financial services industry. I particularly excel in leading teams through change, whilst also balancing multiple priorities.
Nathan Sanders

Nathan Sanders

Ford Head of European Contact Centres
Nathan is Head of European Contact Centres at Ford.
Daniel House

Daniel House

New Look Senior Customer Engagement & Support Manager
Daniel is Senior Customer Engagement & Support Manager at New Look.
Cheryl Graham

Cheryl Graham

Sky Service Strategy Lead
Sarah Reeder

Sarah Reeder

Sky Service Performance Manager
“The event was an enjoyable learning experience that celebrates Customer Engagement through people and technology”
Customer Experience Manager, Virgin Media
“Thanks to the conference, i felt more confident and encouraged after the day about implementing customer strategy into my work”
Serco MarksAndSpencer


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