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How to Fix A Disastrous Contact Centre: Part 2

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The call centre is a disaster. Staff are unmotivated and somewhat aggressive. It's a toxic and rebellious culture. Attrition is exceptionally high. Poor leadership. Customer Satisfaction is at an all-time high. First Contact resolution is under 50%, and Average Handling Time is a runaway of 360 seconds, 40% over target.

We asked two independent CX contact centre consultants form the UK and US to pitch their respective recommended strategic interventions to fix the toxic contact centre.


Folks, let me tell you something: this call centre is a complete disaster right now, but I’ve turned around bigger messes, and I mean much, much bigger. We’re going to make this the best call centre in the world, believe me. Nobody does it better than me, and I will show you how.

First off, leadership is crucial. We need leaders who can inspire and drive performance, not just sit around. I’m bringing in top talent—people who know how to win. We’ll conduct a thorough review of our current management, and if they’re not up to the task, they’re out. Simple as that. We need winners, not whiners. I have a knack for spotting talent, and I know exactly who we need.

Next, we’re going to fix the toxic culture. We’re launching a massive rebranding campaign within the centre. This place will be buzzing with positivity and energy. We’ll create an environment where people are proud to work and where they feel valued and motivated. We’ll introduce incentives, bonuses, and recognition programs that reward excellence and loyalty. Aggression and negativity? Gone. We’ll have zero tolerance for it. Trust me, I’ve seen this work wonders before.

Being and offering the best

Attrition is killing us, and we can’t have that. We’ll offer the best compensation packages in the industry, plus amazing benefits. People will be lining up to work here. We’ll make it clear that this is the place to be for a fulfilling career. We’re talking top-tier training programmes, personal development opportunities, and a clear path for advancement. People love working where they’re appreciated, and we’ll make sure they know they’re appreciated.

For customer satisfaction, we’re going to streamline our processes. First Contact Resolution will shoot up because we’re going to empower our agents with the best tools and training. We’ll introduce cutting-edge technology to reduce Average Handling Time. We’ll have real-time analytics and AI-driven solutions to support our team. I’ve always been a big fan of technology—nobody understands it better than me. We’ll be the leaders in innovation.

Communicate, communicate!

Let’s not forget communication. We’ll have open lines of dialogue between management and staff. Everyone’s voice will be heard, and we’ll act on good ideas quickly. I’ve always believed in listening to the best ideas, regardless of their origin. It’s called being smart, and we’ll do it better than anyone else.

We’re going to turn this call centre around, and it’s going to be spectacular. We’ll be the model for the entire industry. People will look at us and say, “How did they do it?” Well, we’ll do it because we’re the best. Nobody does it better than us, and we will prove it every day. Because I know more about contact centres than anybody else in the world. Watch me.



By Rod Jones, Specialist CX and BPO Consultant & Owner of Rod Jones Contact Centre Consulting 

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