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Future of Customer Contact Magazine

To prepare you for 2024 and what it might hold, we reached out to a number of industry experts to find out what they learned from the past year and what they predict for the new one. In this publication, we are sharing their predictions with the aim of helping you navigate the current landscape

We would like to thank our contributors and everyone who took part in the creation of this magazine.

Happy reading!

Ipsos and Engage Business Media

The UK CX Report 2023: Ipsos & Engage Business Media

In this unique cross-industry study, Engage Business Media and Ipsos worked in partnership to research how customers feel about their recent experiences with different brands and industries. The aim is to provide customer experience teams with analysis and insight that will help their organisations to focus on what matters most to the customer.

Engage Customer Magazine Cover

Engage Customer Magazine

With 2023 soon coming to an end, we are reflecting on the conferences we held, the ideas presented by our speakers, and the interviews we held with CX experts from around the world.

We would like to thank our contributors and everyone who took part in the creation of this magazine.

Happy reading!

Post Event Report

Customer Engagement Transformation Conference Post-Event Report

Attendees left the 2023 Customer Engagement Transformation Conference equipped with exclusive insights from organisations. 
Get your hands on our detailed post-event report and uncover our attendees' valuable feedback, check out the day's snapshots,  access our on-demand content and more.

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Engage Awards Yearbook

Welcome to the Engage Awards Yearbook – a publication that’s designed to inspire and celebrate customer engagement excellence through the fantastic achievements of our 2022 winners. 

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How to prepare for the future of customer contact

We're delighted to have been featured in The Sunday Times as part of Racontuer's Digital Transformation Report. Agility is one of the cornerstones of a successful modern business. And transformation is ultimately a quest for greater agility and efficiency. So which transformation strategies can help businesses cope with the challenges ahead?


The Future of Customer Contact Guide

The modern customer holds more power than ever, which means the experience you create for consumers has never been more crucial. In this guide, we'll look into the methods modern businesses are using to excel in customer experience and how you can implement them within your company.


Customer Retention for your Multichannel Loyalty Programme

Building customer loyalty is not just about offering reward points and promotions: it’s also the effort a brand shows in addressing customer needs, eliminating friction points, and adding value to interactions across every channel.


2020 Future of the Contact Centre Conference Industry Report

A very warm welcome to this year’s Future of the Contact Centre Conference Industry Report. We hope you enjoy what’s inside! In the ever-evolving and increasingly digital world of customer service, it has never been more important to learn from brands excelling in this area. With this in mind, we hope you find this Industry Report informative and interesting.


2020 Customer Engagement Summit Industry Report

This edition has been a delight to put together as we have had the fantastic opportunity to speak with experts from a range of industry-leading brands in the customer engagement space. In the digital age, the world of customer engagement is rapidly changing and evolving, whilst customer expectations of an efficient, easy service continue to rise.


Chair Report – Customer Engagement Summit 2020 – Nicholas Brice

Day 2 Chair’s Report: Customer Engagement Summit 2020 By Nicholas Brice, CEO at Soul Corporations It was a great pleasure to host the second day of the Customer Engagement Summit in the superb virtual studio the team at Engage Business Media have created. 


Chair Report – Customer Engagement Transformation Conference 2020 – Gerry Brown

Day 2 Chair’s Report: Customer Engagement Transformation Conference 2020 By Gerry Brown, Chief Customer Rescue Officer at Customer Lifeguard As day two of the Customer Engagement conference dawned it was clear that the bar had been set very high.


Chair Report – Customer Engagement Summit 2020 – Martin Hill-Wilson

Day 1 Chair’s Report: Customer Engagement Summit 2020 By Martin Hill-Wilson, Founder at Brainfood Consulting Another year. This time virtual. Starting to feel like it is a normal way of chairing a conference. But in truth it remains extraordinary times.

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