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3 Ways Technology is Eliminating – Not Just Solving – CX’s Most Common Headaches

  • Customer Engagement Summit
  • Daniel Rodriguez, CMO,

Often times, technology serves a bandage for common CX problems. But what if organizations could use technology to reimagine the whole CX operation – making it easier to be efficient while still delivering exceptional customer support?

In this session, Daniel Rodriguez (Chief Marketing Officer of Simplr) shared how the company’s data science and product teams are redefining the role of technology in CX.

Particularly, how technology enables amazing customer experiences via:

• Value-based routing for chatbots
• Data such as Customer Effort Score, intent, urgency detection, and likelihood of repurchase
• Efficiency and self-optimization to drive down costs

Simplr is the technology disruptor to the outdated contact center BPO model. The company’s AI-enabled platform unites chatbots and human assistance to deliver instantly scalable premium pre-sale shopping assistance and customer support, and in a more cost effective manner than traditional BPOs.

Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez

Simplr Chief Marketing Officer
Daniel Rodriguez is an experienced marketing executive, author, entrepreneur, family guy, and musician who uses daily meditation to manage life’s intense moments. He's currently the CMO at Simplr, where he’s leading a team that's redefining the way brands deliver customer service. Daniel is the co-author of Experience is Everything, a forthcoming book that focuses on the NOW CX movement. Before Simplr, he served as VP of Marketing for Seismic and as co-founder of multiple companies including Indivly Magic and PrizeTube. A native of Cleveland, he’s been a Bostonian since earning a BA from Harvard and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.
FUN FACT: I have caught passes from 2 NFL QBs.

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