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Scaling Customer Service with Conversational AI

  • Customer Engagement Summit
  • Håvard Dahl-Olsen, Jan Thomas Lerstein,, DNB Bank

In this fireside chat, DNB Bank’s Head of Emerging Technologies Jan Thomas Lerstein discussed conversational AI with’s Chief Delivery Officer, Håvard Dahl-Olsen. Together, the two addressed what differentiates a large Nordic bank in terms of customer engagement, how automation levels impact customer satisfaction, and what customers would like to be handled by a VA vs. a human being. Watch the on-demand video to learn more about scaling customer service with conversational AI.

Jan Thomas Lerstein

Jan Thomas Lerstein

DNB Bank - Technology & Services Head of Emerging Technologies
With a 20+ year career at DNB, Jan Thomas has held multiple roles at the intersection of tech and business. As Head of Emerging Technologies, he takes the lead on automating service inquiries through voice and chat, with the goal of increasing customer service efficiency and ensuring that high complexity and high-value interactions are handled with a human touch, always with an eye on leveraging technology platforms to improve user experience
Håvard Dahl Olsen

Håvard Dahl Olsen Chief Delivery Officer
Håvard Dahl-Olsen leads the customer team at as Chief Delivery Officer. Since 2017, he has overseen the development of over 500 virtual agents for more than 300 organizations in the US, the UK, the Nordics and Central Europe, across industries including FSI, H&PS, Telecommunications and E-commerce. Håvard has a genuine passion for customer success and believes that fostering collaborative relationships with customers is key to driving value through the platform.

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