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The Scourge of the CX Professional

  • Customer Engagement Transformation Conference
  • John White, Director of Customer Experience at Domestic & General

John White, Director of Customer Experience at Domestic & General, discusses how they manage the customer journey of 16 million people and a presence in 1 in 3 UK homes. Domestic & General are a 100 year old company focusing on insuring appliances and technology.

A strong focus for Domestic & General in 2022 is ensuring that an appliance does not go to landfill, a part of their business journey is helping to create a more sustainable environment.

John identifies one of the big ‘enemies’ that get in the way of successful transformation strategies, is PowerPoint. This is because the time spent creating elaborate slide decks to suggest an idea (that may end up on the shelf) could be spent actually implementing the idea. John highlights that in a world of ambitious targets, time is a commodity.

As a result of this, Domestic & General are putting a strong focus on how they can focus on fewer things, in a shorter time period, whilst creating an experiential mindset in doing so.

John discusses the five overarching OKR’s they have implemented for the next 3 years, however he stresses that 2022 is a year focused on meeting customer expectations.

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