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Cost efficiencies in the contact centre

  • Future of the Contact Centre Conference
  • Ian Webber-Rostron, Head of Customer Care at Missguided

Ian Webber-Rostron, Head of Customer Care at Missguided presents us with a case study focusing on: cost efficiencies in the contact centre.

Ian splits the challenges of cost efficiency into 4 sections:

  • Metrics and reporting - As a business you need to ask yourself, do you have the right metrics in place? Ian stresses that whatever you are measuring, regular reporting is important. Ian informs us on how to report metrics effectively.
  • Contact Prevention – Cost efficiency can be largely based on reducing the amount of contact necessary. It is important to identify the key drivers of customer frustration hat leads to an issue needing to be resolved. Ian discusses different tools used to manage and reduce number of contacts.
  • Contact Automation – What can your business automate to reduce the amount of human contact? Ian outlines the different forms of automation, to challenge the presumption that automation is just chat bots.
  • Handling the contact themselves – How can your business make operation as effective as possible, leading to cost efficiency.

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