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How Video has brought us closer to our customers

  • Customer Engagement Summit
  • William Agnew, Experience Lead - Video Banking, NatWest

William Agnew, the product owner and experience lead for video banking at NatWest, details how video can be used to improve customer experience in a post-pandemic world.

The “right here right now” service by NatWest offers customers an alternate way of interacting with their bank. The On Demand service replicates walking into a branch and speaking to a member of staff but in an online video capacity.

William also explains how the service works with reference to both the customer and staff experience. In addition, he discusses how future innovations can make the system work smoother.

William Agnew

William Agnew

Natwest Experience Lead - Video Banking
An experienced and capable operational leader, that can also deliver change at pace within the financial services industry. I particularly excel in leading teams through change, whilst also balancing multiple priorities.

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