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Why seamless experiences matter more than ever

  • Customer Engagement Summit
  • Olivia Chambers, Customer Insights Manager at Huel

Olivia Chambers, Customer Insights Manager at Huel delves into how Huel uses NPS to achieve customer closeness. The NPS (Net Promoter Score) of a business is how likely a customer is to recommend your brand to a friend.

Olivia outlines the struggles that came with Huel using this system; low response rate, they were only looking at first time buyers and not repeat customers, and Huel were neglecting customer emotion. Huel tackled these issues by:

  • Sending surveys at order 1, 3, 5 and 10
  • Categorising responses into themes

Obtaining knowledge at different stages in the customer lifecycle, allows a business to make comprehensive maps of the customers emotions and feelings e.g. with a first time order, delivery time is a priority to allow the customer to schedule their re-order. Furthermore, categorising responses enables a business to identify and address common themes to take into consideration the customers emotion.

As a result of using NPS, Huel can increase the number of problems they identify before they occur. At Huel, there is not a specific team focused on driving NPS scores, instead it is a business wide goal to ensure customer experience is at the forefront of all objectives.

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