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Preventing Customer Contact Surges by Proactively Leveraging Data & Insights

  • Future of the Contact Centre Conference
  • Peter Woods, Senior Account Executive at Intercom

Peter Woods, Senior Account Executive at Intercom allows us an insight to how Intercom help customers, help their customers. Intercom surveyed 1200 global support leaders across multiple industries to find out what issues they were facing, and how they were keeping their teams motivated. The top 5 2022 customer support trends they found were:

  • The customer expectation gap has widened – 75% of support leaders said that expectations had increase, only 34% of these thought they were meeting expectations
  • Support team agility is no longer optional - 59% said the support volume had increased, and 52% had to decrease their support headcount due to COVID.
  • The need for a connected stack escalates – 56% of support teams are using more than 5 tools, 17% are using more than 10 tools.
  • Support leaders fight again team burnout and attrition – 64% of support leaders say that members of their team have found ‘burned out’ in the last 12 months.
  • Customer empathy is more important than ever – 21% of support leaders said they did not have the necessary tools to do so.

Peter presents us with steps to overcome these issues within your business. Furthermore, this presentation is supported with case studies from Atlassian and Stuart, showing come Intercom has improved their support systems.

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