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Keep the Conversations Going – Why Conversational CRM is the Secret Sauce to Business Growth

  • Customer Engagement Summit
  • Matthias Göhler, Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, Zendesk

Matthias Göhler, the EMEA Chief Technology Officer at Zendesk, explains how technology such as Artificial Intelligence can improve a customer’s experience of a business and lead to returning customers.

Matthias outlines the key aspects of using AI to benefit customer experience. Notably, it must be convenient and personalised to each customer’s needs. The technology should be conversational and the customer should be in charge of their own journey.

Technology, such as direct messaging, can allow customers to engage with businesses in a way that benefits them. Matthias gives examples of how Zendesk uses technology to make customer service easier by automating simple tasks, this allows more time for issues that require human attention.

Matthias Goehler

Matthias Goehler

Zendesk Chief Technology Officer, EMEA
Matthias Göhler joined Zendesk in October 2021 as EMEA Chief Technology Officer. As a regional CTO, he leads the development of Zendesk´s vision for innovation in customer experience based on the needs of EMEA customers. He is passionate about helping brands realise their goals for market-leading customer experiences that can build deeper customer relationships and brand loyalty. Matthias has more than 20 years of experience in technology and SaaS industries.

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