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the role of measurement and technology in creating a customer-centric culture

  • Customer Engagement Summit
  • Becky Nadis, Director of Customer Experience at LinkedIn

As part of our Customer Engagement Summit, we were delighted to be joined by Becky Nadis, Director of Customer Experience at LinkedIn for an exclusive fireside chat. Catch up with Becky’s session on-demand where you’ll discover more about managing customer experience at an organisation with over 750 million members.

Becky’s commitment to customer experience comes from an analytical approach of “What exactly happened, what’s the reason for it and what happened next as a result?”.

In the session, Becky explores how customers feel and the value they place within a company directly correlates with what they will do next. Analysing customer surveys and recorded customer representative calls can help detect where to focus your improvement on a mission to better customer experience – is it people? Process? Policy? Technology?

Becky explains how these insights help LinkedIn answer one of two questions; What can LinkedIn’s help and support team do today to improve a customer relationship? What can LinkedIn as a whole do e.g. big strategical changes to improve customer experience in the long term?

Becky goes on to discuss how any business can track the response to changes put in place to the customer journey by looking out for a change in customers behaviours or a change in customer feedback.

Watch the exclusive interview with Becky Nardis and hear how “Listen, understand and act” can greatly improve customer experience in your business.

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