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Making AI Speak Human

  • Future of Customer Contact Conference
  • Hans van Dam, CEO, Conversation Design Institute

Everybody wants to deploy conversational AI Assistant to drive value for both customers and the business. But how do you design these experiences? How do you create a chatbot or voice application that people actually want to talk to? 

In this talk, Hans van Dam will share what all successful AI Assistants have in common. He’ll talk you through the design patterns that allow you to have transactional conversations that unlock the promise of conversational AI technology. 

Some of the things that will be covered are:

-Maturity model for conversational AI operations based on automation and customer experience goals
-Proven workflow for creating human-centrric and inclusive AI Assistants that drive value for the business and the customer
-Design patterns and best practices that you can implement tomorrow

Hans van Dam

Hans van Dam

Conversational Design Institute CEO
Hans van Dam is the founder of Conversation Design Institute, the world's leading training and certification institute for people working in conversational AI. Hans has trained more than 5,000 professionals in conversational AI and works with Fortune 500 companies to make their AI Assistants more human-centric, effective, and inclusive. He also leads CDI Foundation, a non-profit that develops design standards and provides scholarships within the industry. Hans is a frequent guest lecturer at universities worldwide. He is currently based in Amsterdam, where he lives with his family.

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