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3 main pillars to becoming truly customer-centric

  • Customer Engagement Summit
  • Michela Cocco, Global Customer Experience & Innovation Manager at Nespresso

Michela Cocco, Global Customer Experience & Innovation Manager at Nespresso informs us on all things customer experience (CX) at Nespresso. Bringing value to the customer and the company is extremely important to Nespresso, this is done by involving customers every step of the way.

Michela explores the two most common misconceptions of what customer experience is; CX is equal to customer service, and CX is equal to user experience (UX). Although customer service and UX are important pieces of CX, CX is the sum of interactions that a customer has with a brand, that creates their perception of said brand.

Nespresso pride themselves on having a customer centred mindset. Michela emphasises that in order to innovate, you cannot just design great products, you must design with the customer in mind.

One way that Nespresso have improved CX in a digital space is by creating their virtual boutique experience. Customers can access a personalized video with one of their coffee experts, to resemble a store like experience.

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