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How to get to the next level of brand storytelling via Augmented Reality

  • Customer Engagement Transformation Conference
  • Jasper Krog, Senior Global Digital Innovation Manager at NIVEA

Jasper Krog, Senior Global Digital Information Manager at NIVEA works to identify and test new relevant technology, for example Augmented Reality (AR) with the aim to build a sustainable framework for future marketing communication.

At Nivea, there has been a strong focus on making ‘camera marketing’ a central part of marketing practices. Jasper discusses how camera marketing has aided the transition from ‘head down’ to ‘head up’ phone usage.

Jasper explains how AR adds digital elements on top of the real world, NIVEA wanted to use this to add digital elements to their products. As part of NIVEA’s ‘attach’ campaign they attached QR codes on packaging that can directly lead you to buying the product online/ find out more information on the use of the products. Jasper talks us through the product NIVEA launched with Google, allowing you to scan the packaging and see the ‘living surface’ for story videos talking about the product.

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