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Panel Discussion: How Great Service Can Lead to Competitive Advantage

  • Customer Engagement Transformation Conference
  • Phil Hoben, Carl McCartney, Allison Coucher, Nick King, Lynzi Ashworth, Wolters Kluwer UK, Les Mills, Sky, AutoTrader, Aon

Hear from leaders within the customer experience industry on: how great service can lead to a competitive advantage.

Take a listen to an interactive discussion between:

  • Phil Hoben, Head of Digital at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK
  • Carl McCartney, Customer Experience Director at Les Mills
  • Allison Coucher, Senior Service Strategy Manager at Sky
  • Nick King, Head of Insights at AutoTrader
  • Lynzi Ashworth, Campaign Planning and Analytics Centre of Excellence Leader at Aon

Some key takeaways from this session include:

  • Allison highlights the importance of customer service in the broadband space, as many companies are offering similar packages at similar prices, therefore the biggest differentiator for a consumer is customer service.
  • Nick King points out that within the car sales industry, customer service from the company is important as individuals selling the cars on this platform may not have the same passion for great customer service and a great product.
  • Lynzi focuses on the fact that, in a world with so much consumer choice, one bad experience can ruin a relationship with a customer indefinitely.
  • Phil discusses the importance of putting customer service at the heart of what you do from an employee perspective. They have found that in such a ‘high churn’ industry they have many loyal employees with 15+ years in the same company as they feel the passion of the company, and this resonates down to employees.
  • Carl shares a strategic approach they have taken within the world of fitness: retaining those members rather than focusing on acquiring new members in an industry that sees lots of customer drop off regardless of service.

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