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We love Design - Here’s 4 ways we’ve found to help us do it more

  • Future of the Contact Centre Conference
  • Pete Staffell, Head of Service Design at Santander UK

Peter Staffell, Head of Service Design at Santander UK presents us with a case study on: ‘Tiny Design, Big Effect – How changing two words made a big difference to our customers’.

Pete’s presentation covers; consciously designing the tiny stuff that is worth it, behavioral design and accepting tiny design is not one size fits all. For Pete ‘big design’ is a product and service working as one, ‘tiny design’ is a physical/ wordsmithing design that engages people. Furthermore, Pete stresses that tiny design is a great way of making a positive impact to both the customer and the business.

One way Santander used the idea of tiny design to positively impact the customer journey: Changing the ‘contact us’ page to say “help keep our phone lines free for those that really need us...” which led to 1.3% of those who went to the contact page finding what they needed online.

Santander’s 3 principles to ‘keep them straight’ are: who is it? Context is crucial, and expiry dates.

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