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Route 101: Next Frontiers of CX

  • Customer Engagement Transformation Conference
  • Xena Lappin, EVP Transformation and Innovation, Teleperformance UK and South Africa & Russell Attwood, Founder and Business Development Director, Route 101

Buckle up and let Xena and Russ guide you through “The Next Frontiers of CX”.

Their fireside conversation from the 2023 Customer Engagement Transformation Conference will help you navigate megatrends, challenges, and opportunities in omnichannel customer care. During the session, they discussed:

  • The current challenges, upcoming trends, and potential opportunities in CX
  • Ideas for seamless, omnichannel CX
  • New digital engagement landscapes and technology, such as the metaverse, and web3
  • Practical examples of staying relevant to the ever-evolving customer journey

Xena Lappin

Xena Lappin

Teleperformance UK and South Africa EVP, Transformation and Innovation

Xena is EVP, Transformation & Innovation at Teleperformance UK & South Africa.  In her current role, she is responsible for leading the digital transformation team who support clients transform their operations through innovation and technology.  She has extensive experience in outsourcing, operations and transformation and has had held senior roles with PwC, Serco, Sky and TalkTalk. 

Russell Attwood

Russell Attwood

Route 101 Founder & Business Development Director
A communications industry veteran, Russell founded Route 101, a specialist systems integrator delivering next-generation SaaS customer engagement platforms, over a decade ago following the sale of his previous company Call Centre Technology (CCT) to Capita in 2011. 
Heading up the sales arm of the business, he guides his experienced team on CX transformation projects for organisations both nationally and internationally, supporting clients including Teleperformance UK, Shell Energy, Holland & Barrett, and NHS Professionals. Russell is passionate about customer engagement and enjoys providing his customers with industry-leading innovation & support throughout their journey.

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