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Does knowledge management still matter in a digitised world?

  • Knowledge Management Conference
  • Barbara Bitondo, Lead Designer, Knowledge Solutions at The World Bank Group

Barbara Bitondo, Lead Designer, Knowledge Solutions at The World Bank Group shares with us the importance of knowledge management in all aspects of a business.

At the World Bank Group, knowledge management is a term for an interdisciplinary process of creating, using, sharing, and maintaining an organisations information and knowledge. Furthermore, knowledge management is “making the best use of organisational knowledge assets to achieve business objectives”.

Barbara goes on to discuss that in a highly digitised world knowledge management systems are at the heart of the organisational leaning process, as digital platforms offer more opportunities to share knowledge globally.

Designing knowledge solutions must be combined with a marketing strategy to promote knowledge sharing. Examples of design to maximise engagement and knowledge transfer during a zoom call at The World Bank are; meeting the right people, carefully curated questions, opportunities to share your knowledge and getting references to build your knowledge further after the meeting.

Barbara explains effective knowledge sharing inspirations are the periodic table, Wikipedia, and the use of artificial intelligence.

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