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Why Big Bus Tours Hopped-on to Ai-Powered Customer Service, Creating a Unique Approach to CX and an Experience Their Customers Love

  • Cutomer Engagement Transformation Conference
  • William Lynch, Lead AE - Enterprise | UKI at Freshworks & , Ollie Wildeman, Customer Satisfaction Manager at Big Bus Tours

Big Bus Tours, a globally recognised household name known for its sightseeing experiences and city tours, is turning the customer support function into a revenue engine for the business.

Hear from Will and Ollie as they share how Big Bus Tours uses Generative AI and Freshworks' Freddy co-pilot technology to supercharge customer support.

Ollie will introduce you to the Big Bus Tours team, their culture, and their approach to overcoming the fears of adopting AI to upskill their teams. Get ready for an inspiring journey of innovation and success!

Daryl Deane-Staig

Daryl Deane-Staig

Sky Senior Service Performance Manager
Revolutionising Customer Experience: Delivering excellence through others, Driving performance, reducing costs, and delivering digital solutions. Senior Service Performance Manager at Sky, with over two decades of experience and a natural instinct for identifying areas of improvement. Neurodiverse leader with a vision to reach the C-Suite.

As a Senior Service Performance Manager at Sky, I specialize in managing the day-to-day performance of Sky's TV products and services to ensure the best possible customer experience. My focus is on improving product and service journeys from discovering and buying products, to delivery and activation, to in-life product experience and stability, product replacement volumes, and customer retention. I work collaboratively with multiple departments within Sky, up to the group director level, to deliver on these goals.

With over two decades of experience in customer experience delivery and improvement, I'm a natural leader and decision influencer. My keen eye for detail, adaptability, and ability to communicate complex ideas simply set me apart from others in my field. I also bring a unique perspective as a neurodiverse individual, allowing me to take a data-driven approach to identifying opportunities for improvement and driving continuous improvement initiatives.

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