The Transparency Revolution – why we NEED transparency in pay


‘So, what are your salary expectations this year?’ This is the awkward question that makes so many of us squirm during an annual appraisal says Thomas Drewry

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Avoid heartbreak this Valentine’s Day: get closer to your customers


With the retail mayhem that is Valentine’s Day just around the corner Ed Weatherall delves into the latest advances in psychological profiling

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Out of touch employers need to focus on Employee Engagement


With Engage Customer’s first Employee Engagement Summit coming up in the Spring the need for organisations to act NOW is highlighted by new research

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How to stop employee stress from taking over the enterprise


Re-thinking approaches to operations performance management can help organisations improve employee wellbeing says Neil Bentley

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UK shoppers to spend £52.25 billion online in 2015


Online sales forecast to grow by 16.2% in the UK with consumers the most prolific in Europe spending an average of well over £1000 each during the year

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Curb the complaints to keep customers coming back for more


Vikki Zelkin examines the changing nature of our customers, how they choose to complain about our products and services, and how we should respond

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