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Combatting Fatigue: Why is There a Need to Reignite Customer Engagement?

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I’d like to consider why customers and marketers can become fatigued, and why there is an increasing need to change mindsets to reignite customer engagement.  

For a number of years customers have often faced increasing information overload, making them wearisome of the messages they receive and the advertising they see online, on TV, and everywhere else. Marketers are as stretched as customers, and even more so with the demand to be ever more creative, to keep up with the latest trends and technologies.  

Too much of anything can lead to disengagement, and the creation of strategies and policies that don’t consider the voice of the customer. Wouldn’t be great if you could buy something from Amazon, for example, and not have to wait in all day for a delivery? Customer engagement is about considering the voice of the customer, customer experience, and meeting their needs, wants and desires in a way that they want to experience it.   

Remembering the human factor 

So, with the increasing use of technology to engage customers, it’s vital to remember that the human factor of customer satisfaction is still required today. Coupled with information overload, strategies and policies that aren’t customer-centric, can lead to apathy and indifference.  

In trying to engage with customers, there is also the danger of marketer’s fatigue. Prashant Puri, Co-Founder & CEO, AdLift explains in his article for Storyboard18: “Customers today are a discerning lot. They no longer buy into invasive marketing techniques…The classic signs of marketing fatigue include lower click-through rates, a drop in engagement, fewer impressions, and a higher bounce rate.” 

There is a need for a change of approach: marketers need to create content, strategies and policies that resonate with customers to reignite customer engagement. As the forthcoming Customer Engagement Transformation Summit 2024 suggests, there is increasingly – in an age of technology – still a ‘Pivotal Role of Human-Centricity in Cultivating Customer Belonging.’ Even in an era of increasing automation and self-service, human emotional connections still matter.  

Be where customers are 

To engage and re-engage with customers, organisations need to be where their customers are. This isn’t just about a physical location, it’s about being able get inside customers’ minds. This is driven by customers experience and conversations across channels, and it can be supported by technology, communications strategies, and by using validated data insights.  

The latter is a topic at Engage Customer’s Customer Engagement Transformation Conference, which is coming up on 12th June 2024. Topic Streams including ‘Linking People With Our Customers’, and ‘Customer Engagement Strategies for the Modern Customers.’  

Discover how to engage with customers better in this newsletter; let me know why customer satisfaction is being challenged, and how the industry can reignite customer engagement by adopting transformative customer service and marketing strategies.

Graham Jarvis, Editor 

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