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How to Bring Balance to Your Contact Centre

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The trusty phone line has been tested since COVID-19 disrupted just about all aspects of life. The pandemic outcomes included agents working remotely and the rapid need to handle a lot of interactions with fewer resources. As a result, wait times peaked as many customers were calling in with problems that customer service agents couldn’t answer. Agents were suddenly under pressure they likely never experienced before.
How did customer service organisations respond to that demand while keeping costs reasonable?

During this digital boardroom, RingCentral’s Julien Rio will explore specific customer expectations to determine how best to meet or even exceed them as we move further into 2021. He will also cover the need to empower agents to deliver exceptional customer service that results in a satisfactory experience for both parties. Finally, he will discuss the technology available to facilitate these encounters, where the sweet spot between enablement and total cost of ownership lies, and how customer service organisations must put strategic adoption of technology at the centre of their operational roadmap in the new era.


Christoph Schröder, AXA Insurance Switzerland
Julien Rio, RingCentral

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