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Deliveroo Case Study: Exploring Consumer Needs in an Emergent Category

  • Cutomer Engagement Transformation Conference
  • Beatrice Jones, Senior Insights Manager, Deliveroo

Over the last 11 years, Deliveroo has transformed the way people eat - and this is just the beginning. In a category still early in its maturity, keeping pace with consumer needs is vital if they are to capitalise on its strong growth potential. 

This session focuses on Deliveroo Plus, a monthly subscription programme. Find out how the team leveraged the power of research to explore loyalty in an emergent category, and created a proposition that takes Plus to the next level. 

Beatrice Jones

Beatrice Jones

Deliveroo Senior Insights Manager

Bea  has been at Deliveroo for two years, following roles at Waitrose and M&S. Working in an incredibly data rich environment, she brings a love of storytelling (and amazing food!) to unpick the ‘why’ behind customer behaviour. She challenges teams across Deliveroo’s ten markets to be truly customer first. Her work has included: helping the organisation pivot to focus on loyalty, exploring how consumer eating habits vary by market and using research to drive growth in the newly emerging on demand grocery sector.  

Bea is Data and Insights Lead for Deliveroo’s Gender Equity Employee Resource Group. She uses data to prioritise their focus, runs community listening circles and promotes an inclusive environment through regular events.

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