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Hyper-Personalisation in CX

  • Customer Engagement Transformation Conference
  • Olive Perrins, Head of TV Services & Jason Fiddes, Head of Tech Futures, Sky

This session covered relationship basics and how they apply to customer lifecycles. Jason guides us through the reasons relationships fail focusing on communication and in particular tailoring it to the device, app, and visit context while hyper-personalising the experience.

Olly will explained how to establish a team to design for long-lasting relationships, delivering value NOW with the data you already by personalising KPI’s to measure friction & empathy in every moment of truth. She explored how this is personalised to the relationship and contract tenure/s and is systematically managed to increase empathy and reduce friction.

NB: Hyper-personalised CX is digital butler. not a stalker! Watch out for top tips on how to make it personal without prying.

Jason Fiddes

Jason Fiddes

Sky Head of Tech Futures

With a passion for technology and data; and using this to improve customer experience and operational efficiency, Jason has been working in technology strategy, change and delivery across multiple verticals in the UK for over 25 years. Working at Sky for over 7 years now, he is Head of Digital CX & Tech Futures looking at industry and technology advancement to produce recommendations that feed into key initiatives that ensure Sky is at the forefront of innovation. Always with a focus on ensuring the customers digital experiences are improved and simplified through data driven, technology solutions that also balance off against Service economics.

Olive Perrins

Olive Perrins

Sky Head of TV Service

Olly has worked at Sky in technology strategy for more than 10 years and is fiercely passionate about delivering frictionless customer experience. She spends her day obsessing about resilience, using data to measure every journey touchpoint to improve service at the best service economics.

Olly is a dedicated coach who dedicates much of her time to reaching back and helping others to climb through mentoring and coaching in Sky and across the broadcast industry.

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