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The Changing interdependencies within contact centre Stakeholders

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Customer + Colleague + Corporate: Over time, each of these constituent parts of the contact centre ecosystem have traded focus.

We are now in an age where Colleagues and staff are seen as the key component to success. The “Great Resignation” is being driven by a highly competitive job market, with organisations competing for staff.

What can contact centre managers to do combat this….

  • Drive up employee engagement
  • Offer effective development plans for staff
  • Understand and map out the Employee Journey
  • Re-define Hybrid Working
  • Enhance the role that WFM plays


Graeme Gabriel

Graeme Gabriel

NICE WFO Solution Consultant

Graeme’s experience in contact centres stretches back over 30 years, at nearly every level including agent, Team manager, Back office manager, ACD administrator, Forecaster and Scheduler as well as WFO Planning manager. He has spent the last 20 years engaged in training and consulting across

David Kay

David Kay

NICE WFO Solutions Consultant

David has extensive contact centre management experience spanning 15 years, gained in the customer focused environments of Orange, Virgin Media, Sky and Barclays. David has delivered multiple WFM and APA integrations across large blue-chip organisations and is a specialist in, Service Delivery

Engage-Speaker-Gerry Brown

Gerry Brown

Customer Lifeguard Chief Customer Rescue Officer

Gerry Brown, aka The Customer Lifeguard, is on a mission to save the world from bad customer service. He helps businesses save customers at risk of expiring and breathes life into their customer service operations and customer experience strategy. Gerry has provided organizational leadership on

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