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Harnessing AI to Elevate Customer Service: Making Hype Reality

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The advent of generative AI holds promising potential for transforming both customer and agent experiences across channels. That’s why over 70% of organizations are exploring how to use generative AI within their businesses, as per a recent Gartner survey. Generative AI has dramatically changed the customer service function and goes beyond traditional rule-based systems to surface contextual and meaningful resolutions.


In this webinar, we’ll take you through how you can leverage generative AI and see real value in your customer service function—from improved agent efficiency to better self-service deflection rates.


Join us as we discuss:

  • Critical challenges faced by CX leaders, including poor deflection rates, low agent productivity, and hidden support insights
  • How generative AI can be used to automate self-service across channels, boost team efficiency and optimize support operations
  • How to get started with generative AI in your organization
  • What the near-term future holds for AI in CX
Martin Hill-Wilson

Martin Hill-Wilson

Brainfood Consulting Founder
I'm a customer engagement and digital business strategist. Also an author and international keynote speaker. Working under my own brand, Brainfood Consulting, I design masterclasses and transformational change helping clients evolve their social and digital capabilities. Current topics include omni-channel design, proactive, low effort customer experience, social customer service and customer hubs. All themed around service innovation.
Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson

Freshworks VP Sales & General manager - UKI
Simon is the General Manager for Freshworks UK&I - one of the fastest growing software start-ups of all time. Freshworks believe that Traditional enterprise software is clunky, expensive and not focused on how you can wow your customers with the ultimate service and experience. Freshworks provide customer-for-life software that’s modern, mobile and affordable, enabling their customers to deliver wow moments to customers all over the world. Freshworks work with industry leaders to streamline customer conversations, automate repetitive work and save time - ensuring that teams can collaborate to deliver world class customer engagement. Under Simon’s leadership, Freshworks UK&I has been able to grow from a zero to a multi-million-dollar region within a few years, doubling their revenues year-on-year.
Akshay Jain

Akshay Jain

Freshworks Head of Solution Engineering, Freshworks UKI
Akshay is a Solutions Engineering Leader, experienced in building successful teams in fast-paced and high-growth organizations. He has over 15 years of experience in B2B technology, with expertise in customer service solutions. He is passionate about using innovative tech to create delightful customer experiences.

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