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How Superdrug & Hotel Chocolat created award-winning customer service

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There has never been a time of more rapid change in consumer lifestyles and behaviour and never a greater need for a business to really know its customer, to understand their needs and motivations. With all the pressures facing businesses nowadays, how do we ensure we exceed customer expectations?

Martin Brown, Founder and CCO of FM Outsource will demonstrate how household names like Superdrug, Hotel Chocolat, and ArrowXL have created award-winning customer service support through a real focus on customer experience and feedback.

There are various different methods to obtain customer feedback and it’s a challenge to bring it all together and analyse it all in one place. Martin will discuss why and when feedback is most valuable and which customer interactions and touchpoints can have the most impact.

Martin Brown

Martin Brown

FM Outsource Founder and CCO
Focused on the customer experience, I am fortunate enough to look after IT and Customer Service departments at Gnatta and FM Outsource.

I particularly enjoy large scale IT project management, customer services project management, social media engagement, brand protection, recruitment of followers and likes, managing diverse social media channels such as facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, google+, tumblr etc.

In terms of IT, using a diverse range of languages and skills, I am particularly interested in web development projects that are focused on high demand, high availability environments using modern approaches to the UI (e.g. responsive, signalR, Angular)

In terms of Customer Service then looking after a very large group of highly motivated and customer focused people is a real joy.

Specialties: responsive, signalR, AngularJS, C#, .NET, SQL Server, MongoDB, CRM, Salesforce automation, Mobile applications, legacy and diverse systems integration, intranet and extranet development. Social media marketing, mobile application development, social media PPC

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