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Past, Present and Future: The Evolution of CX and Charting the Course Ahead


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Join us live from the iconic London Stock Exchange as we embark on a dynamic exploration of the ever-evolving Customer Experience (CX) landscape. 

Delve into pivotal themes and uncover answers to pressing questions:

Understand what the past has taught us:
Explore the potential pitfalls awaiting those that fail to learn previous lessons and embrace ongoing evolution.

Don’t let todays seismic shifts pass you by:
Gain invaluable insights into the massive shifts in the CX landscape being driven by AI, exploring the latest trends and developments shaping interactions with your customers.

Anticipating the Future:
Scrutinise the future of CX as we look ahead and examine unveiling upcoming shifts and emerging paradigms that will redefine the customer experience.

To help you future proof your CX investments, Verint and AWS will examine critical topics on the CX transformation taking place right now, and the challenges this places on organisations. We will look at the massive changes happening with AI and how these can be applied to engaging with your customers. We will also consider how the technological pace of change that we are experiencing places strain on legislative compliance and the selection of technologies to support your operations. Discover why partnering with a seasoned AI team, with decades of expertise in teaching, publishing, and development, is the optimal choice for success.

Steve Bell

Stephen Bell

Verint VP, EMEA Solutions Consulting

Following acquisition of Witness Systems by Verint Systems, I was appointed to lead the combined EMEA Pre-Sales team. Full responsibility for directing all Pre-Sales activity across EMEA region including Pre-Sales Consulting, Bid Management and Quote Desk.

David Cousins

David Cousins

Amazon Web Services Principal Sales Specialist

Working with organisations to deliver innovative and agile solutions for superior Customer Experience Management; AI, Automation, Contact Centre, Engagement Management, Workforce Optimisation and Analytics, coupled with practitioner consultancy. I help organisations to find the balance within the cost vs service conundrum faced by all businesses today, both large and small. Subsequently helping organisations to be innovative, whilst getting the basics right too!

Engage-Speaker-Martin Hill-Wilson

Martin-Hill Wilson

Brainfood Consulting Owner

Martin was CEO of one of the first BPOs and CX consultancies in the UK. He then spent a decade in the systems integration industry positioning the value of new technology and the associated change agenda. He is now in his fifteenth year as Brainfood Consulting offering a mix of services. These include Empathy Check Ups - Critical Conversations: design & hosting - CX: evolution & optimisation - Self-Service: optimisation & growth - Customer Contact Strategy - Chairing & Keynotes - Thought Leadership: spoken & written.

Current topics include optimising and scaling self-service, extracting more value from technology, fixing capability gaps in advanced CX organisations and embedding emapthy as a foundation for improved CX & EX engagement.

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