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Supporting Front Line Teams Having Difficult Conversations

In this fireside chat, Customer Services Manager at London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Sabina Onwuka discussed her role and the projects she is currently working on.

More specifically, she addressed the following:

  • What are you views on what you and your team are seeing and having to respond to in terms of the latest impact of cost of living?
  • What topics are you dealing with and describe the type of people who use your service
  • Explain how this translates into needing to help front line teams have difficult conversations.
  • How have you trained and supported them?
  •  The challenges?
  •  Level of life experience and character needed to do this well.
  • What you have discovered along the way and how you have had to adapt and test new ways of supporting their effectiveness and resilience and the outcomes you want with the customer.
  • Any tips for others?



Sabina Onwuka

Sabina Onwuka

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Customer Services Manager
Sabina Onwuka is the Customer Services Manager at The London Borough of Barking & Dagenham. She has worked in the Customer Services industry for over 20 years. She started in the private sector and then moved across into the public sector in 2012. Her philosophy has always been about serving others, and being the voice of the residents, and staff is where she thrives. Sabina has been a mentor to her team members, as she believes in providing a safe place for her staff to feel supported, grow at work and outside of work. One of her highlights was the transformation of her department from 100% office-based way of working to 100% homeworking, and the implementation of cloud technology

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