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The Importance of Evolution, Before Revolution

Transformation doesn’t always have to be revolution and while big bang revolution is often perceived as the exciting, results generating differentiator, in an industry that hasn’t always been known for innovation and transformative change, evolution plays a huge part.

In this chat Rebecca will take us through how AXA Health are embedding a customer centric culture, empowering colleagues to listen to customers and take action to remove pain points, to develop more efficient and effective processes which helps more customers do what they need to do, find what they need to find and ultimately better understand their health insurance plan.  By listening, tweaking whilst recognising that most of our customers don’t even use, or even want to use our product, more of our customers appreciate the value their plan offers, more customers trust us and satisfaction scores are growing.

We will talk about the importance of driving consistency for all audiences, across all channels and how this can be a great starting point for transformation.

Rebecca Brooks -Daw

Rebecca Brooks -Daw

AXA Health Senior Customer Experience Strategy Manager

For me, CX is a mindset and not a role, it’s a profession full of people and I am definitely a people person, I think all CX people are, and that’s the bit I most love about my job; creating, maintaining and improving the experiences and interactions that we (people) have with brands. The other super important part of CX that I love, is its importance within the commercial sustainability of a business.

I’ve been lucky enough to work in a variety of different industries over the years; chocolate, beds, planes, trains and I would love to say automobiles but no – I am currently in insurance at AXA Health, and it’s the same across the board, if you can deliver a consistently excellent experience; people will buy and people will stay and that feels good. I use a wide variety of CX techniques to drive acquisition, value and retention; customer listening, analysis and interpretation of insight, stakeholders engagement, customer journey mapping, embedding customer outcome metrics, effective governance, strong business case development and encouraging customer centricity through cultural change.

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