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Chandni Bhatt: “Brands need to adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the curve”

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An interview with Chandni Bhatt – Senior Manager, Member Happiness at Beauty Pie

Earlier this month, we held our first event of the year: the Future of Customer Contact Conference. The event was a success, attracting 400 attendees and distinguished speakers such as Beauty Pie’s Senior Manager of Member Happiness, Chandni Bhatt.

Chandni took part in a panel discussion, alongside Ingrid van Ruiswijk from New Balance and Daniel House from New Look. Together, they discussed the future of customer contact, exploring different channels, the role of automation, and onboarding programmes for new agents.



Hi, I'm Chandni, a veteran in the CX space. I have a demonstrated history of working with rapid growth businesses in the e-commerce environment within the fashion and beauty industry. I have developed a curious, innovative, hands-on approach to my work. I thrive on creating cost-effective solutions and challenging existing processes to create efficiencies for both the customer and the agent.

Over the past 10+ years, I have developed a high level of confidence and experience in developing high-performing teams, both in-house and outsourced, I specialise in subscription models, automation and digital transformations and developing high-performing teams.

My passion for creating outstanding customer experiences has led me to specialise in these areas, and I believe that by leveraging the latest technologies and constantly challenging the status quo, I can help organisations develop and implement strategies that deliver exceptional results.



It was important for me to share my story at the Future of Customer Contact alongside industry leaders from two iconic brands, New Look and New Balance. As a CX professional, I believe it's crucial to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies and share insights with others in the industry.

The panel provided an excellent opportunity to share my own thoughts and expertise, while hearing about the experiences and strategies for success from the two iconic brands. We discussed various trends, from self-service solutions to personalised experiences, and contact channel preferences, which are shaping the industry.

It became clear that the industry is rapidly evolving, and brands need to adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the curve. The insights and ideas shared by my fellow panellists were impressive and valuable for everyone in attendance.

Overall, I was grateful for the opportunity to engage with other CX professionals and to work together to create the future of customer contact. I look forward to staying connected with other industry leaders and continuing to learn from their experiences.



The CX community can take away several important insights from the above learnings:

  • Innovation is essential: The CX industry is rapidly evolving, and it's crucial for brands to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. This requires a culture of innovation and a willingness to experiment with new approaches to customer contact.
  • Personalisation is key: Personalised experiences are becoming increasingly important to customers, and brands that can provide these experiences will have a competitive advantage. This requires a deep understanding of customer needs and preferences, as well as the ability to use data and technology to deliver tailored experiences.
  • Self-service is on the rise: Customers are increasingly using self-service solutions, such as chatbots and knowledge bases, to solve their own problems. Brands that can provide effective self-service solutions will be able to reduce costs and improve the customer experience.
  • Collaboration is valuable: Engaging with other CX professionals and industry leaders can provide valuable insights and ideas for improving the customer experience. Collaboration can also help to identify best practices and emerging trends in the industry.

By embracing these takeaways and continuing to learn and innovate, the CX community can create exceptional customer experiences that drive brand loyalty and business success.



I am currently working on some exciting projects in the CX space that I am very excited about. One of the projects I am working on is an automated chatbot that will allow for efficient and quick solutions for routine customer queries. This will enable agents to focus on more complex customer issues and improve our overall response time.

I am also involved in the development of a quality framework that will ensure that our agents deliver high-quality and consistent customer interactions across all touchpoints. This project will involve creating a set of standards and best practices that will guide our agents to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

In addition, I am working on a virtual consultant strategy that will include video shopping. This strategy will enable our customers to connect with our consultants virtually and receive personalized recommendations and advice. As video shopping is a growing trend in the industry, I am thrilled to be at the forefront of this innovation.

Finally, I am excited about the development of a training hub that will provide our agents with the tools and resources they need to excel in their roles. This will include training on soft skills such as empathy and emotional intelligence, as well as technical training on our products and services.

Overall, these projects are set to make a positive impact on our customers and our team. I am looking forward to seeing these initiatives come to life and achieve great results in the CX space.



Omnichannel customer experience: Customers expect to engage with brands across multiple channels, from social media to voice assistants. Brands that can provide a seamless, omnichannel experience will have a competitive advantage.

Hyper-personalisation: Customers are increasingly seeking personalised experiences, and brands that can deliver tailored recommendations, content, and solutions will stand out. This requires a deep understanding of customer data and the ability to use AI and machine learning to provide personalized experiences at scale.

Voice assistants and chatbots: The use of voice assistants and chatbots is on the rise as we noted from the conference, brands that can provide effective self-service solutions will be able to reduce costs, utilise agents for revenue generating activities and improve the customer experience. Natural language processing and sentiment analysis will be increasingly important for delivering effective voice and chat solutions whilst passing on invaluable feedback to the individual business units.

Empathy and emotional intelligence: Customers expect brands to show empathy and understanding, and brands that can demonstrate emotional intelligence will be able to build deeper connections with their customers. This requires a focus on soft skills and training for customer-facing employees and tailoring any AI to ensure this is mirrored within automated interactions.

By embracing these trends and continuing to innovate, the CX industry can create exceptional and seamless customer experiences that drive brand loyalty.

If you found this interview interesting and want to learn more about the topics discussed at our Future of Customer Contact Conference, continue to watch this space! Over the coming weeks, we will be publishing multiple interviews, podcasts, and articles featuring the event’s speakers.

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Chandni Bhatt, Senior Manager, Member Happiness at Beauty Pie

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