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UK CX Report 2023: Now Available Online!

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Engage Business Media worked in partnership with Ipsos to deliver a unique cross-industry study, researching how customers feel about their recent experiences with brands and industries. The aim is to provide CX teams with analysis and insight that will help organisations focus on what matters most to the customers.

The 2023 study covered 9,408 experience evaluations, 5,000 UK consumers, 7 industries, and 73 touch points.


While the immediate pandemic threat has receded (but not disappeared), many other factors – political, economic, social, and environmental – continue to disrupt our lives. In today’s polycrisis world, lives are changing – often not for the better – and customers are adjusting their priorities, expectations and loyalties as a result.

More than ever, building strong relationships by delivering what customers really want and need is a business imperative for organisations wanting to secure and grow market share and revenue. We know from the 2023 Ipsos Global Voices of Experience research that, overall, the top three priorities for CX teams are:

  • Focusing on strategic roadmaps
  • Delivering personalised customer experiences
  • Closing the gap between brand promise and CX delivery

Secondary priorities include demonstrating return on CX investment, reassessing KPI targets, linking EX and CX data and implementing/evolving closed loop feedback.

But what are the priorities from a customer perspective?

Are brands actually delivering experiences that align with customer needs?

To find out and learn more about the state of CX in the UK, download the UK CX Report 2023 here.


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