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Using Insight-Led Strategies to Improve CX

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The 12th edition of the Customer Engagement Summit took place at the Westminster Park Plaza in London last November. Europe’s largest CX conference attracted over 800 attendees and featured numerous presentations by industry experts from world-renowned organisations.

In addition to this, the event presented delegates with several in-depth interviews and fireside chats. Taking a case in point, one of the summit’s hosts and the CEO of Pier Health Group Brandie Deignan discussed the importance of insights and personalisation with Experian’s Client Delivery and Customer Experience Director Leon Ellerton. During their conversation, the two discussed insight-led strategies and how personalisation can help businesses retain customers.


According to Leon, insights can help businesses understand what actions they need to take to elevate their brand and provide a unique customer experience. It follows then that insights are the key to creating value that makes customers feel that they are getting more from you than they would do from your competitor.

Going further, Leon discussed insight generation and how it has evolved over time. He shared that we have now moved from proactive to passive insight generation, which enables companies to gather more data than ever before. As such, businesses now face the challenge of going through a large amount of information to find the critical points.

To offer customers a truly unique experience, companies should also make use of personalised insights. In other words, they should tailor the way they offer products and services to each individual customer. Expanding on the importance of this, Leon noted that personalisation has the power to drive repeat business, better satisfaction, and higher levels of trust.

Aside from discussing the above, Brandie and Leon also spoke about the pitfalls businesses should avoid, how insight-led experiences will continue to evolve, and the problems that customer insights can solve.

Watch the full fireside chat discussion below:


This year, the Customer Engagement Summit will take place on the 28th of November at The Brewery in the City of London. To attend the 13th edition of Europe’s largest CX conference, register here.

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